Sensitive Toothpaste Should Have These Three Ingredients

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
DENTAL sensitive an unpleasant condition for the sufferer. As more and more powerful claim toothpaste sensitive teeth problems, look at the truth through the packaging.

Is sensitive to nutritional conditions stabbing pain that is felt when consuming food or drinks cold, hot, sweet, and also by dry air, and touch.

In fact, approximately 30 percent of Indonesia's population experience problems with sensitive teeth. Similar problems are also experienced by the global population at the age of young and old, especially those who have gum disease.

The result of internal research-brand Pepsodent toothpaste Unilever said that the technology-effective anti-inflammatory gum containing triclosan and zinc citrate, an effective technology antiberlubang contain soditum mono fluoro phosphate, while antigigi sensitive technology that effectively contains potassium citrate, triclosan, and zinc citrate.

"Each of these substances has its own function. Potassium citrate is useful to reduce the ill effects from sensitive teeth. Zinc and triclosan to help strengthen gums and reduce the possibility of exposed gums sensitive teeth in the future. While fluoride can prevent cavities, "said Dr Arathi Rao, Regional Marketing Professional, Expertise and Authority, South East Asia China, Oral Care, Unilever Asia Private Limited on Indonesian Dentists Association Congress at the Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Bali, on Friday (1 / 4 / 2011).

In a press release, Unilever through its research division, believes that the research holds an important element in producing quality products and reliable. Usability research is to ensure that the resulting product, with emphasis on the technological elements in it which proved successful to provide tangible benefits to the community in obtaining optimal dental care. The results of this research presented at a presentation titled "Relief from Tooth Sensitivity Dentrifices containing Desentisizing Through Agents".
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