12 World's Smartest Robots

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Technology today is very fast growing, every day every hour even every minute always update or upgrade technology.
Maybe you've heard and clay, even know smart robots in the world.

This variety of the world's smartest robot quoted by MSN

1. Roxxxy
Roxxxy is the world's first robot sex. Douglas Hines, initiator True Companion, posed with a rubber doll named Roxxxy in the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Roxxxy can be programmed in several personalities, like frigid Farrah conservative, Mature Martha's attention, the slang Wendy Wild, S & M Susan Young adventurers and innocent. Roxxxy snoring and even know about football.

Honda has a robot named Asimo that can serve the people, like in this picture, they work together to serve coffee in a demonstration at Honda's laboratories in Tokyo December 11, 2007. Asimo, which resemble astronauts with a backpack, can work in pairs, making drinks and providing news and weather forecasts via the internet.

3. Robot Teacher
Pupil Kudan Elementary School teacher robot I touched his cheek after a special class in Tokyo, Japan. Unlike a mechanical robot, a robot developed by teachers of Tokyo University of Science professor, Hiroshi Kobayashi, it can express six emotions: surprise, fear, disgust, anger, joy and sadness. Rubber skin can be drawn by using the machines and wires around the eyes and mouth. I am controlled by remote control by humans who observed the interaction via the camera, calling the name of the children, talk to them in words that have been programmed and give lectures about robots.

4. Violin Robot
Toyota Motor Corp. create robots that can play "POMp and Circumstance" with proficient with the violin. 152 cm tall robot has a white colored mechanical fingers to press the strings correctly and could coordinate the movement.

5. Tandem Bicycle Robot
Tandem bicycle robot "" Murata Seiko-chan robot riding a bicycle company "Murata Seisaku-kun" in a demo at the annual CEATEC 2008 home electronics trade show in Chiba near Tokyo. 50 cm-tall robot weighing 5-pounds was developed by Japanese electronic goods manufacturer, Murata Manufacturing Co.. as a cousin Seisaku-kun's first show in 2005. He exhibited the ability to maintain balance by using two sensors on his body.

6. Robot kisser
EMA (Eternal Maiden actualization), an interactive robot with a feminine body and graceful movement, exhibited by Sega Corp.. at the Tokyo Toy Show 2008 event in Tokyo. With the sensor in the head, hands, arms and legs, EMA reacts to the touch, with singing, dancing, and provide contacts with women's style manner.

7. Conqueror Robot Bomb
Mini Andros II, a bomb squad robot off 'bomb' from the end of the car in a demonstration to reporters in Miami. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives show how the robot releases and mejinakan explosives safely.

8. Robot Companions
Robot PaPeRo from the Japanese company Kawasaki on display in the exhibition "Ex Machina - The story of a robot from 1950 until now" at the Museum of Applied Art in Cologne, western Germany. He is known for its ability to recognize faces and voices, so they can live with humans. When no one was interacting, he became lazy

9. Care-O-Bot III
Robot Care-O-Bot III with a glass of water from the kitchen at the Frauenhofer Institute in Stuttgart. Care-O-Bot III is a third generation robot, developed over 12 years, which will take care in nursing homes in the future.

10. Tai-Chi Robot
Museum guide mimicked Nau, a robot that demonstrate Tai Chi exercises in the Robotic World exhibition in Madatech, Israel National Museum of Science

11. Robot Caregiver Yurina
Robot Yurina bring a guy in a demo in ROBOTECH, an exhibition for robotic services, in Tokyo. Yurina is the machine to move the elderly or who have difficulty moving from and to the bench or bed

12. ASIMO, Robot Man
Asimo robot from Honda directs the Detroit Symphony Orchestra when playing the "Impossible Dream" at a concert in Detroit, May 13, 2008. Honda Motor Co. created ASIMO, short for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. ASIMO can run, walk on uneven rise and answer a simple voice command. But this is the first time ASIMO conducting. ASIMO can not respond to the players, but mimicked the style of previous conductors have been recorded.
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