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Synonyms And Synonyms
TRAVEL second day with designer Edward Hutabarat in mission "Never My Love On Batik faded" continues to the village of Badung, District Palengaan, Pamekasan, Madura. Really beautiful batik produced.

In this village, Legal with a number of media crews are shown in dozens of batik cloth that is spread with a blend of bright colors and patterns are quite complicated motives. Proceed with an investigation of how the artisans make batik cloth batik gentongan Pamekasan typical classical and contemporary.

"In this village, we have 31 people batik artisans, from young mothers to their daughters. Here, we are specializing in batik gentongan and contemporary. Furthermore, we channeled into a store and receive direct orders from Surabaya and Central Java , "said Muhammad Namawi as community leaders in the village of Badung, Pamekasan, Madura in between trips on Saturday (04/02/2011).

Edward said he would accept whatever the motive drawn crafters. However, there are some motives will be reduced even added to make it felt more "flirty".

"Let the motive be creative draftsman. Please note, this motif pattern is called batik tanahan. Background full picture, a characteristic of batik Pamekasan but this makes you fat, international client does not like it They like it simple and look too 'batik'
, "said Edward.

"That's why when fabric already in hand, I only suggested 'let the flower pictures, but add these motif', like that. And the background image needs to be eliminated but I let the candle unique accents cracks because it was his trademark. I always say, ' Where kegenitannya? " I need more motive 'flirtatious', "he said while showing a floral motif that I'm working craftsmen.

A motive draftsman named Muhammad Madi (16) tells the background he joined.

"It's been 2 years so draftsman motif. At first because there is no work, but I also was a student in the MTS - the equivalent of junior high. In 1 hour I can draw two fabric and if it can produce 25 motif fabric, I get 75 thousand. The money for my tube or to the streets while parents Alhamdulillah still able to finance my tuition, "said Madi.

Unlike the batik gentongan where the coloring process done in the barrel-shaped, colored with contemporary batik diusapkan seruas way for seruas cloth in water containing a mixture of natural color. Once mixed well, then drained and the fabric if they want to add another color, the same process took place.

And after exploration, the crafters are shown in the demo using a special detergent to wash batik batik in which the time of season, clothesline poles should be covered first with a towel for batik cloth does not tear, rust or get tangled.

"You'd better underline the towel, because sometimes they use bamboo poles to dry in the sun is still rough and the risk of fabric would tear. Or also to block the fabric exposed to iron rust," said Edward end the conversation.

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