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SOME of us have experienced the pain of a breakup. Even the slightest rejection still make us disappointed, hurt, and depressed. Recently, science uncover the truth about heartache and physical pain.

According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a new study found that brain regions that respond to physical illness overlap with brain regions that respond to pain. In other words, the pain of rejection feels like a physical pain.

Studies using brain imaging in 40 volunteers who have been through the experience of love severed at six months before the study. They are people who feel that the breakup caused him feel very rejected.

Each participant was asked to complete two tasks. The first task associated with feelings of rejection, in which each person saw a photo their former lover and asked how she felt during the breakup. The second task associated with the sensation of physical pain which uses the sending pain stimulation device. Equipment installed in the forearm, such as their skin is placed on a very hot cup of coffee.

Researchers found that the same part of the brain that become active when responding to painful sensory experience is also active during the person's sense of social rejection, especially breakup. Similarly, as reported by the BounceBack, Friday (4/1/2011).

"These results give new meaning to the idea that social rejection is painful," said Ethan Kross, the social psychologist from the University of Michigan, author of the study.

"We think that a cup of hot coffee on the skin of the pain is different from when we dropped out of love. However, this study shows that both are similar pain, more than we imagine," he added.

So if you have been through a painful breakup or just annoyed because last pecan lovers to cancel, do not be surprised if you feel physical pain along with pain. Because, your brain can not tell the difference.
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