Stefan William The Frog Prince (Yudha in Arti Sahabat)

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Steven Williams, one of the actors newcomer to the world of art glass screen role. His name was sticking out and selling well in Google search as the success of Arti Sahabat, soap opera that aired Featured Indosiar per June 7, 2010 every Monday to Friday at 16:30 pm. Under the direction of Rudi Aryanto and Bobby M, who loved food is fried chicken collided with Yuki Kato acting and actors / actresses other.

The owner's full name William Umboh Stefan has starred in several movies, among others, Best Friend and Putih Abu-Abu dan Sepatu Kets.

California-born actor (USA), August 11, 1993 This has a hobby playing games, basketball and futsal. Stefan who aspires to be director of this highly idolized actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The most hated of the couple's son Clinton-Ellen was lied to.

Stefan William've graduated from high school and get ready for going to college. "I want to college this year plan as well. Wish lecture at IKJ as hell want to be a director. In addition, I also want to take some computer majors in Binus. Either way I like it, we'll see where the more I liked, "said Stefan during a visit in the studio Tabloid Gaul, Thursday, 22 Ju

Meaning best friend in the eyes of Stefan William:  "Friends always help each other and help in the trying times and happy. So the friend was already like brother  each other because we can vent and talk about almost anything. "
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