Beautiful Skin Thanks to swallow's nests

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
Busy with a solid routine jobs, career women often forget to maintain the beauty of their skin. Treatment was not only the focus from the outside, but also from within.

Is a bird's nest made of woven fabric from bird saliva that most of the male wallet made of proteins soluble in water for 35 days to make a nest. Known since 500 years ago, the bird nest is traditionally believed to contain many benefits for health and beauty skin. Cooling effect of the bird's nest to prevent dryness in the body, helping to keep skin youthful, wrinkle-free, while keeping it smooth. Bird's nest was found containing glyco protein that efficacious improve the immune system and cleanse the lungs, and contains growth factors that improves cell regeneration and improve skin collagen. Processed bird's nest preferred because the benefits for women and men. But unfortunately, processed bird nest in Indonesia, including goods that are still hard to find in the free market. If anything, the price comes in a fairly "well".

Providing practical solutions, manufacturers of food, and health food supplements PT Cerebos Indonesia to introduce the latest products, Brand's Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar. Products premium bird's nest cave is in bottles that can maintain a healthy body and skin beauty of women and men from within.

Met at the launch of Brand's Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar, Grand Hyatt, Jakarta, Friday (15/04/2011), General Manager of PT Cerebos Indonesia Indra Laban said, "We always ensure our suppliers to receive a natural cave bird nest quality and the original 100 percent, and is still harvested by hand carefully. Today we answer the need of Indonesian women will a product that can maximize the health and beauty skin from their bodies. "

To note, a box of Brand's Bird's Nest with Sugar Rocks contains 6 bottles and each bottle contains 42 grams of Rp220 thousand and you can get at the nearest supermarket. Brand's Bird's Nest with Sugar Rocks are believed to help cleanse the lungs, strengthen respiratory system, makes skin glow, reduce the heat in, and maintain good health
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