Strange, There Kitten Like Dogs

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
A cat in Yangshan, Jiangsu Province, East China, immediately became famous after she gave birth to a puppy.

The owner of these cats, Zhou Yun, said in early April was yesterday cat gave birth to two children. However, a child dies.

Then one tail her son again after Zhou's notice, the child resembles a dog.

"I just realized that my kitten is still alive has a face that resembles a puppy," said Zhou.

As quoted from Orange, on Friday (15/04/2011), Lai Xiaoyun, head of the Government Veterinary Clinic, Zhou went to the house and check kitten-like dog.

"Cats and dogs are two different species so that it is impossible to have offspring together," says Lai.
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