SCORPIONS Live Without Eating For A year

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
The scorpion is a very amazing little creatures. With almost two thousand species have been identified and was found in six of the seven continents, these arthropods have been able to adapt to some of the harshest environments on earth. Proved only in the Antarctic are the places on earth where you will not find a scorpion.

One of the adaptations that they have is the ability to slow down their metabolic rate. Scorpions also have an organ called the "hepatopancreas" highly efficient and fulfilling functions equivalent to the liver and pancreas in humans. In addition, the scorpion also has the ability to consume enough food for their body size. The evidence suggests that they are known to eat up a third of their body weight in one meal.  

Due to the large amount of food consumed, the way their bodies are very efficient in saving nutrients, and the ability to slow down their metabolism, scorpions are known to last up to one full year or for 12 months without eating at all. It is estimated that the scorpion just ate the most 5-50 times per year. Along with the amazing ability to not eat for a year, some scorpion species can also be held to not drink water for two days.

How a scorpion metabolism also has other benefits that are not shared by other animal species. While a slow metabolic rate is common in hibernating animals, the animals do not have the ability to wake from their sleep and defend themselves when attacked. While scorpions are not burdened with this weakness. As they rested in a low metabolic rate, they still can strike quickly if an emergency situation and the danger comes. This makes the scorpions can survive in conditions where a slower metabolism may be forced to have them do.
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