Is it true that Slim Wife Make Happier Marriage?

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According to a recent study, the marriage will be happier if the wife has a more slender body than their husbands. Researchers at the University of Tennessee study the BMI (body mass index, a common measure of obesity) of nearly 170 newlywed couples, and share the happiness of their marriage also observed from time to time.

Andrea Meltzer, principal researcher and a doctoral candidate at UT, said that he observed this effect on the happiness of her husband in early marriage. Husband will have more happiness if their wives had a lower BMI than themselves. The fact that men tend to be happier with a wife who is more slender of which may not be too surprising. But Meltzer and other researchers also found that women who have a lower BMI than their husbands will also feel happier with their marriage over time.  

In other words, wives are more slender than the husband will make both partners happier. Wives will be happier when their husbands happy. Meanwhile, if we look at other qualities are more important for women than men, such as economic resources, we can see the opposite effect. Women would be happier if their partner made ​​more money than them.  

This study is important because it shows that women with various body sizes can be happy in their relationships with the right partner. And women do not have to always struggle to be thin, but quite simply to be more slender than their partners. So if women who are overweight or obese which can lead to looking for happy marriage then she should choose her husband is more severe, or they can choose a pair with an average body weight and most people lose weight yourself to be more slender than their partner.

Body size is just one of many factors that contribute to the happiness of marriage as a whole, although it does not seem to be important for both men and women. Other factors also may play a role (in addition to the appeal) is that the happiness of marriage is also correlated with health partners. The couple will be happier if their partners healthy. And slender women who on average will be healthier than women who are overweight or obese, increasing marital happiness for both partners.
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