Amazing Facts About Rain

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
As we know, Indonesia is a tropical country, the general characteristics of the so called tropical is having a lot of rainfall. In this thread we will discuss about the uniqueness of the phenomenon of rain and the fact that may be missed from us.

1. The average speed of the fall of rain is only 8-10 km / hour.

2. Water falls to earth with a low speed because of rain has a special form that increases the effects of atmospheric friction and helps it fall to the earth's velocity is lower. Suppose different forms of rain, or the atmosphere does not have the friction properties (imagine if rain occurs as a large bubble of water that falls from the sky), the earth will face the destruction of every drop of rain.

3. The minimum altitude of rain clouds is 1,200 meters.

4. Effects caused by a drop of rain falling from a height is equal to 1 kg object falling from a height of 15 cm.

5. Rain clouds can be found at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

6. In one second, approximately 16 million tons of water evaporates from the earth.

7. This amount is equal to the amount of water that fell to earth in one second. In one year, is expected this number will reach 505x1012 tons. Water continues to spin in a balanced cycle based on the "measure".

8. Rainwater granules changing shape hundreds of times per second.

9. If it was frozen rain water droplets will form a beautiful piece of crystal, unlike ordinary water in the freeze in the freezer / refrigerator.

10. After rain, soil, weeds, grass scent will issue an ax, a compound is called 'petrichor'.

11. And the last fact the most mysterious and surprising scientists. Rain has the ability to hypnotize people for the resonance to past memories. And without being able to get the scientific evidence, scientists could only conclude "In the rain, there are songs that can only be heard by those who missed".
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