Paramore Fans Breaking the Fast Together at The Front Entrance

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Seen snaking queue of spectators at the Paramore concert, at Carnival Beach Ancol, North Jakarta, Friday (19 / 8) afternoon. Although it has been successfully entertaining Bali right on the anniversary of independence of Indonesia, August 17, but the fever still descend Paramore homeland's capital, Jakarta.

And while waiting for the opening of the gate after sunset, the audience is also willing to sit on the pavement to break, even just a drink to break the fast.

"From afternoon mas, so we break here," said Dian, A Festival ticket holders at Carnival Beach Ancol, North Jakarta (19 / 8).

At around 18:30 pm, the gate was finally opened. The audience was divided into several groups to enter the concert area were preparing to order tickets and a thorough examination committee.

"Even from 3 pm but still the spirit. Although still taking medicine,
but I forced to come," said
Hadi said, opening his bag for inspection by the committee.
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