Harau As Beautiful Valley in The Land of Myth

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
A pile of granite boulders towering hundreds of feet in the Valley Harau, District 50 City, Metro Manila, will make the audience amazed.

Piles of granite boulders with this natural wall featuring exotic impression that difficult to find anywhere in the hemisphere. In addition to decorated granite, paving the yellow rice and clear rivers flowing from sarasah (waterfall) in the Valley Harau provide an atmosphere of peace and calm.

Is about hundreds of kilometers from the city of Padang, Harau Valley can be reached via a long overland journey with approximately 3.5 hours. Being of Bukittinggi, Harau Valley can be reached within one hour.

Located not far from the traditional markets and Sari Lamak Regents Office, would not be difficult for a number of tourists and rock climbers from around the world to conquer nature walk Harau Valley. Even to test the adrenaline, the climbers seemed to enjoy the steep walls Harau altitude that ranges between 80 meters to 300 meters.

Level of difficulty found on the walls is quite promising, ranging from the hanger (wall with a slope of 45 degrees to more) to track the roof (roof).

Amazingly, this wall is not just one. But lying in an area of ​​tens of hectares. In fact, nature reserves and wildlife reserves covering an area of ​​270.5 hectares Harau Valley can also be used as a location for adventure. Some that seem natural resting place will serve you kepenetan after satisfied to see this natural phenomenon.

There are three waterfalls that accommodated a large natural pond. This pool is quite large and can accommodate dozens of people to play water. A number of swimming pools, playground, lodging, up to the restaurant will make it easier when you're away from the bustle of the city.

Simply pay Rp 10 thousand, you can go to the tourist sites of this nature for a drive. Obviously, the price beyond the cost of parking at the location of this natural reserve tourism area.

As far as the eye could see, the ranks of mountain chain stretching chasing each other and stalking each other to form a circle unbroken. The atmosphere is getting shaded by a busy farming community gives the impression of the countryside.

In fact, a Dutch heritage inscription will be found at tourist sites Harau Valley, precisely at the foot of the waterfall is familiarly called the local communities as Sarasah Bonta.

This inscription shows that the Valley Harau been visited by the Dutch colonialists in 1926. This inscription is signed by the Assistant Resident of the Netherlands for the Fifty Cities F Rinner and two representatives from Indonesia, namely Datuk Datuk Yellow Kodoh Nan Nan Black and Black.

In the nature reserve located in the highlands of Harau Valley, a number of species of plants and animals native rainforests of Sumatra able to arouse your curiosity. A number of native animals such as Sumatran long-tailed monkeys became friends for visitors.

Nothing wrong with the wise saying of course, not complete your trip to West Sumatra Harau if you have not visited the Valley. Just like a fairy tale, all emblazoned Harau Valley real beauty in front of your eyes.
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