Music Anggun C Sasmi Now More Expensive

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
If now is trendy music using elements of electro, Anggun Cipta  Sasmi talkative not want to follow trends.

Anggun the newly released fifth album, entitled 'Echoes' is explained, he has been making electro music long before the trend was started either during the fourth album.

"I love baseball to follow the trend. On the fourth album I
make it hip hop, but the unseeded Crazy that many of his electro elements. That's even before the trend electro. Well, now is the trend fit, instead I want baseball," said singer single Dreams , met at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta, Sunday (29/05/2011).

According to him, he made music this time is more expensive because it involves a lot of musicians. Anggun words, create songs using a computer program can be done in just one day.

"For me, this is even more expensive because if the program one day can make a lot of songs, two to four songs when baseball was tired. Well, if that is, we are working with musicians. They had come, stuck, not hunger, not to create pay musicians. So, one song could take up to three days. And that's just basic, "he explained.

Anggun explained that currently he is given the opportunity to do his own album. He used to invite more musicians than simply using a computer program.

"This impression is even more noble musicians playing together. So it felt like a long time ago, like the band so exciting," added the mother of this child
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