Because Ahmad Dhani, 3 Macan Can Difficult Job

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
Lea Ladista little to complain about the three Tigers who have difficulty getting jobs because of Ahmad Dhani. Loh how come?

The reason is simply because the image that was originally spread by the news that three Tigers in collaboration with Ahmad Dhani to be able to sing songs creation widower of musicians Maia Estiyanti it. Become, the news for most people memorable, if 3 Tigers now under Republic Cinta Management (RCM) of Dhani.

"His influence people so mistaken if invited three Tigers are expensive, because he thinks we are behind the RCM. In fact we just bring all mas Dhani song alone, "said Lia

In addition, Leah feel burdened if 3 Tiger linked with RCM owned by bearded men.

"RCM is a big name, would we not good yes," he added.

3 Tigers are filled by Leah Ladista, Ayu Terra, and Yenny Anggraeni, on Saturday (28 / 5) yesterday had just held a show in Tegal together Cagur, Nita Thalia and singer dropout KDI. Their appearance there as well close the tour in 3 point-sponsored by Gudang Garam Djaja Show, earlier in Malang and Lampung on May 21 May 14
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