Great, Katy Perry Print Two Records History

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Katy Perry recently broke two records at once on the U.S. Billboard music charts. He became the first musician who scored the highest sales plus ET become best-selling singles in the U.S..

Fireworks chanter is managed through a 3 million copies to digital sales with a single called ET In fact, the single result of his collaboration with Kanye West has become the biggest-selling single in the U.S..

Remarkably, the wife of Russell Brand has been the first musician who managed to get the achievement. He also became the first singer of his singles are always in U.S. Hot 100 list throughout the year.

Achievements continued to soar since the release of California's Katy Gurls. His name was never out of the top ten chart. Thus was launched DigitalSpy, Sunday (05/15/2011).

Recently, Katy said that he will soon release a fifth single, titled Last Friday Night (TGIF) taken from the album "Teenage Dream". He also reportedly will visit Indonesia to fill in the Jakarta International Teen Festival on May 28.
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