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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
The experts say that dieting to lose weight, need to be committed. Practicing a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, not only can get rid of extra weight, but it makes the body more fresh and youthful.
However, for some people, curb appetite is a serious matter and may actually lead to the phenomenon of weight "yo-yo". American Dietetic Association (American Dietetic Association / ADA) has found a new way to diet. Not via infrared or massage therapy fat destroyer, but rather by eating.
Eating here is not meant to eat any of the menu. ADA found that some foods can actually help the body lose weight. Lona Sandon RD, ADA spokesperson, suggests that eating certain foods can help control weight.
"Cinnamon, seaweed, and a little splash of lemon in drinking water can curb your appetite and satiety in the brain send signals that can help you lose weight," says Sandon.
Sandon said, the latest research conducted ADA states that add sliced ​​red peppers on the menu daily meals can help reduce the "portion" of food.
"When the brain receives signals spicy, automatic stomach will shrink and make people eat fewer servings," she said.
Not only does cinnamon, sea grass, splash of lemon, and chili, some food here is a powerful tool to make the slender waist, like:
Apple Fruits and vegetables are generally a type of food that is filling because it contains a lot of water and fiber. However, the researchers ADA says that apple is more effective as a diet food. Apples when ingested, will produce the hormone GLP-1 that directly provide signals to the brain that the stomach is full. People who eat apples before eating can reduce calorie intake by 15 percent than those who do not eat apples.
Green tea In the journal of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that green tea contains catechins, which can stimulate the body to burn more calories than other types of tea. Drinking three to six cups of green tea per day can accelerate the burning of calories by 40 percent while helping the body burn more fat.
ADA recommends eating eggs at breakfast because eggs contain the highest levels of both proteins after breast milk.
Consuming enough water can help the body remove toxins. But not only that, the water makes the stomach is full so that it can help suppress appetite. A study conducted in 2010 states that by drinking a glass of water before meals can help you lose weight.
For some people, eat without sauce was bland. Apparently, in addition to adding flavor, red peppers can also help reduce weight. "Adding a half teaspoon of chili powder in the diet can help reduce the portion," says Sandon. The portion that is reduced because of substance in chillies that besides capsaisin responsible for spicy flavor, also has the ability to reduce excessive appetite.
Not only highly nutritious, seaweed can also help control weight so the body stay slim. Research conducted in the Netherlands said that by adding powdered agar-agar or seaweed when cooking rice or in drink, can reduce hunger by 30 percent.
In addition to high doses of vitamin C good for the skin, lemons also contain pectin, a natural fiber that can reduce fat deposits in the body and slows the digestive process until the stomach feel full longer. Research conducted ADA also revealed that the acid content and pectin in the lemon can slow the absorption of sugar, which in practice reduces the desire to snack.

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