Deadly Explosion in Iraq Kills Apparatus

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Three consecutive explosions that targeted the Iraqi security forces rocked Kirkuk this morning local time. The blast killed 27 people and injured 89 people.

Actors use the tactics that are generally performed. They detonated a bomb placed in a sedan that was parked outside the police station. After the officers came out to the location, the car exploded and killed 17 people and eight people were citizens.

"I do not feel anything," said Hama Rashid Kaweh, an officer who wounded As quoted by the New York Times on Thursday (05/19/2011). "I fell down and blood was pouring. I see my friends dying and wounded in front of my eyes. "

About 30 minutes from the second blast, the third car exploded near the office of the provincial government, injuring 13 people including the head of Kirkuk's criminal detectives.

This attack occurs when Kirkuk is vulnerable, while the three ethnic majority to get control of areas rich in oil reserves. A fight that happened in Kirkuk generally between ethnic Arab, Kurdish and Turkish.

Predictably, the unrest has linkages with the withdrawal of U.S. troops (U.S.) within six months. "Kirkuk witnessed the deterioration of security situation," according to Hassan restaurant, a Turk and provincial council chairman. "This attack will increase if the United States to leave Iraq,"said restaurant.

In February, the U.S. sent troops to ease the conflict between groups that allegedly caused instability in the city of Kirkuk.

But Iraq must immediately fix the strength of their security forces. Under the security agreement has been signed by Iraq and the U.S., 46,000 troops of uncle Sam, who was in Iraq will be withdrawn later this year.
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