Call of the Prophet Muhammad Terrorists, Britons Arrested

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
A British tourist who was on holiday to Dubai was forced to crouch in jail. He called the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist.

This incident took place when Andrew Graham arguing with a vendor of electronic equipment from Pakistan at a mall in Dubai. I do not know what is causing Graham suddenly involved debate with Hassan Habeeb.

Graham accused the Muslims in Pakistan are not normal, because they kill each other and also take action outside Pakistan murder. Habeeb was not received by the Graham statement by stating, "Muslims are people who love peace and help each other. "

In a written statement on the Dubai Courts, the seller of Pakistani origin, said that Graham issued a statement that insulted the Prophet Muhammad.

"He (Graham) and told me I was crazy and the Prophet Muhammad was not a peace-loving figure, but he is a terrorist," Habeeb testimony of Graham's words as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (19/05/2011).

Habeeb was immediately furious over Graham's comments and had tried to beat the British man. Not long after Graham was immediately taken to the police station and charged with public swearing and insulting Islam.

Looks like 40-year-old man did not understand the tradition in an Islamic state. Himself even attend court with only shorts. As a result, he was told to replace the pants.

Top of this behavior, Graham is currently punishable by imprisonment for one year if convicted on indictment indeed insulted Islam.
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