Wearing a little description before Decides stirrup (plane orthodonti fixed / fix)

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Now this once widespread use of braces, from which aim to improve function and cosmetic / aesthetic, to which just follow the trend only.

Apart from the above, I think, it's good's friends to be careful with the promotion of cheap stirrup who can not
accounted quality & effect in the future. The main purpose of this thread is more emphasis on dental education, not personal promotion and co-workers, and to offset the promotions of "mounting stirrup with a low cost"
Who is most competent care for ortho with stirrup / fix the aircraft?
Competent and licensed to treat with fixed braces / fix is
​​a specialist dentist orthodonti (Sp.Ort) and / or drg PPDGS ortho in RSGM under the direct supervision drg Sp.Ort. Please distinguish between general dentists (drg) + drg specialist with a master's degree. Different specialist with the college master. Specialist not just a theory / knowledge who play, but also skill. Non Sp.Ort general dentist is not competent enough to install the stirrup, especially tooth-tekniker handyman. Surely we can distinguish clearly, drg general competence that only taking a course / short course in a matter of hours compared with the competence dentist who did get the knowledge and skill is really through education specialist.
stages to be traversed by the patients before mounted stirrup
Stages when it comes to the dentist Sp Ort:
(1) Development of medical records
Starting from the recording of the identity, medical history, habits, and other data. Objective examination followed teeth and oral cavity: a hole or not? There are impacted or not? There is inflammation of the gums or not? There tartar or not? There are symptoms of systemic disease or not? And so on After the data obtained, the physician and patient talk about the treatment plan. If patients agree to treatment and then continued modeling job and photo rongen.
(2) Making a working model as a duplicate of the oral cavity
In this model dentist to analyze how the size of the teeth compared with the available space.
In addition, should also be made x-rays, panoramic and cephalometri. There are calculations that must be measured, so that it can be seen whether there are factors skeletal / bone growth of influence, from here can be expected prognosis and treatment whether or not post-treatment retainer.

After analyzing the model and x-rays done, the aircraft was also completed, newly installed into the patient's mouth. Usually the initial adjustment period, resulting canker sores on the lips.

Stage of this standard procedure, starting from anamnese, making medical records, dental records dentition status, treatment planning discussions with patients, molding-filling model of dry-waiting cast model-making X-ray photo-analysis, X-ray analysis of model-airplane-making design-installation , can not be completed in 1 hour on the first visit. One again, the use of standard procedures mounting plane at an early stage was the installation of rubber in the tooth penjangkar to get a space where to install the ring
his stirrup, so braces are not just "patched" just on the surface of the tooth. Indeed, sometimes there is no install drg Sp.Ort separator / molar bands / rings on dental caries incidence penjangkar with reason to be high because of frequent food scraps out of reach when brushing your teeth, but this way penjangkar risky shift toward the front teeth / cheeks and release braces
completed faster better?
Orthodonti care, better the optimal strength but constant and continuous, rather than a big pressure with rapid change. Tremendous pressure on the teeth, can cause death of nerve tooth, the tooth can die / non-vital -> no longer was
supply nutrients, change color, rocking, cysts arise under the root. so, the instant-instant is also not applicable here.
Why need to control?
Controls are usually scheduled as of 2 weeks, 3 weeks up to 4 weeks. Pressure exerted on the teeth will begin to decrease after 2 weeks -> aircraft already began to decrease its activity. So the effect is still running, it is necessary in order to achieve reactivation of wire the same force as expected initially to encourage a tooth. In addition, with the stirrup, the patient is often not optimal in cleaning teeth, through the control can also be known, whether existing tartar deposits that can lead to gum inflammation. Through control also checked whether there are pathological changes that occur, whether the newly formed dental carries, white spot.
Regarding cost: relative. Depending on the material used, the skill and reputation of the dentist and practice areas, the extent to which people's appreciation against the teeth and mouth, both in terms of health-functional until the terms of aesthetic / cosmetic.

In general, aircraft fix / stirrup is more expensive because done by drg Sp. Ort (ranging from 5 / 7 jt not including cost control); drg PPDGS ortho in RSGM under the direct supervision drg Sp.Ort (range 3.5 jt the
not yet including cost control). If the plane can be the same removable ortho drg general, costs from 500 thousand not including cost control. Control costs range from Rp 50,000 per visit.
Ask for recommendations ...?
Since so many who ask for recommendations of dentists / clinics to I via PM or thread, to the recommendations, apologize in advance, I will not refer to private practice as well as colleagues, but only refers to the institution that is RSGM, could be in public and private university, searching can be started from there, please choose whichever is closer. But I personally recommend at RSGM state university, Faculty of Dentistry Department Orthodonsia.
So a little overview of things to consider and know before my friends decided to wear braces / dental care with orthodonti plane.
Hope I am, with the existence of this picture can help and guide the patient's friends as an intelligent, caring and intelligent sort drg quality that will be trusted to care for their teeth. Thank your attention, may be useful and understandable.
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