History Collection at the Museum Ronggowarsito

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
Not merely have to travel to beautiful places. Visiting historic museum could also be a fun tour. One of the places worth visiting are the Museum Ronggowarsito.

The museum is located at Jalan Abdul Rahman Saleh No. 1, Semarang, Central Java. Ronggowarsito Museum has two missions, namely "Enhancing appreciation of culture and enhance public awareness of the culture."

Museum of Central Java Ronggowarsito have a vision "Proud Caring Culture," which means proud to take care of diverse cultural heritage and other manifestations of cultural expression.

The museum is presenting to you a collection of history, nature, archeology, culture, the era of development, and insight into the archipelago. With a name taken from one of Indonesia famous poet with his work in the field of philosophy and culture. This museum occupies a land area of
​​1.8 ha and is opened every day at 8:00 to 14:00 pm except Monday.

Named State Museum Ronggowarsito with some consideration among others because Rongowarsito a great poet, who has left many cultures for the Indonesian people in general and in particular the Java community in the form of books and manuscripts.

Ronggowarsito Museum of Central Java, is a museum which has the largest collection and other supporting elements is the comprehensiveness of services and facilities available. Museum Ronggowarsito been prepared starting from Tata Exhibition, guides, souvenir shop, Audio Visual Service, Free Hot Spot Area, Art Appreciation Room, Meeting Room, Ticketing and Travel Agency and Transport Limo Shuttle has been in the title awaits the community at home and abroad. Starting at 07.30 till 15.00 pm, room psamer can still be visited and is always open even the Big Day holiday and the day, this is the only museum open country that every day is never a holiday.

Museum Ronggowarsito Semarang Central Java has a total collection reached 59,784 units consisting of various categories of the collection. Most collections are numismatic-heraldika categories, namely currency and epaulet. The number-heraldika numismatic collection reached 44,961 units, the category of ethnography as many as 6803 units, and collection of archaeological objects amounted to 5211 units. Total collection of ceramics, he said, as many as 1199 units, as many as 617 units of biology, historika 318 units, 397 units of fine arts, and geologika a natural rock as much as 200 units. The collection numbers are still small filologika category, a manuscript or manuscripts which only 36 units and teknologika, such as old-fashioned typewriter as many as 42 units.

Ronggowarsito Museum of Central Java, including the museum's largest province in Indonesia in terms of collection and the breadth of the building. Ronggowarsito museum is designed in accordance with standard museum in southeast Asia. Building area of
​​approximately 8438 square meters. Which includes a pavilion, conference hall, exhibition buildings and equipment, libraries, laboratories, offices.
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