Eating Healthy at Healthy Choice

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
HEALTHY Choice is a restaurant that carries the concept of organic and natural menu. As the name suggests, this restaurant is suitable for people who choose healthy lifestyles.

The price of organic food is quite expensive because the quality of materials used and the level of difficulty of production. However, it is still better than to spend tens of millions of dollars to the cost of the hospital from eating foods that are harmful to health. Starting from basic ingredients, spices, cook until the tool is selected with great care.

"We use G-seasoning made from mushrooms and vegetables. We also did not use the microwave and made from nonstick cookware. Here, all cooking utensils made of stainless steel, "said Healthy Choice marketing team Nurhasanah.

Cooking oil used was made from rice bran extract. The point of high saturation, rich in vitamin E, and did not make my throat itch. Cuisine of the organic material it was no less delicious. The menus on the Healthy Choice also vary, from the cuisine of Indonesia, Asia, until the West.

As the opening menu, you can try the mushroom ball with tartar sauce. This menu is filled with champignon mushroom pieces of chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, dibalur wheat flour, then fried. Dicocol dining with tartar sauce.

Want to eat laksa but fear lurks cholesterol? Means you must try classic laksa healthy choice. Coconut milk broth was replaced with soybean milk (soy milk) so it is safe for people with high cholesterol.

Maybe make that familiar with the taste savory coconut milk, laksa-style Healthy Choice will feel different on the tongue. Other materials used are also serbaorganik, ranging vermicelli, Dory fish, tofu, chips, boiled eggs and green chili. Rp40.000 price per serving.

Another menu is worth trying is the mistress of mixed rice, white rice with side dishes consisting of rendang, satay wrap fish, chicken dabu-dabu, shrimp, organic ointment, and sambal potato. The price of this traditional-style rice mixed Rp62.000.

Another mainstay of the menu that is steam chicken with garlic & ginger (such as rice Hainan), dorinos steam fish, salmon Florentine, and Assorted fried rice healthy choice where you can specify their own content (salmon / Dory / chicken) and rice type, red, white, or brown.

To drink mainstay, Healthy Choice has a perfect rose tea, rose tea from high in antioxidants and numi flowering tea. Create a fan of juice, juice perfect organic food worth a try. Mix apples, bananas, pineapple, and perfect food powder contains vitamins and minerals which is 50 percent higher than regular fruit juice.

In the dessert there is yogu berry, which is homemade plain yogurt with konjac jelly and mulberry jam. Sour-sweet dessert you can enjoy this healthy with Rp39.000 price.

There are also packages for Rp75.000 nett Eco Lunch consisting of soup choices tangkar, pasta bolognaise, or grilled chicken solo. Both are included yogu berry dessert and iced tea.

Eco package Options Other Lunch is soup + salad + yakidon or spring roll + soup + fried rice. All are included drinking. Restaurant organic food store at the same time and detox center is open every day at 10:00 to 22:00 pm. You can find the Healthy Choice in its fourth outlet in the Complex Graha Mas Kebon Jeruk, Kelapa Gading, Bellagio Kuningan, and Pacific Place.

Special outlet Healthy Choice Kebon Jeruk, they have a bakery that sells homemade bread. Gluten-free bread products, dairy free, with no additional yeast and fat, so it is safe for children with autism, Down syndrome, vegans and vegetarians, people with diabetes, anemia, Parkinson's, and osteoporosis. 
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