Apparently, the dog saliva could be medicine

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
British scientists have proven scientifically that the results of conventional pets, especially dogs, can cure their masters from various diseases, even from a serious illness. Articles in the journal Health to discuss this issue.

The experts conducting research involving more than 200 families. It turns out from the observation of various races with dog-dog owners both adults and children-have a number of significant results less likely to have health problems.

It mainly covers cases of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. For example, the researchers gave the following picture, if the person has suffered a heart attack and spent some time with their pet dog when she was cured, 94 percent of them will undergo a quick recovery.

In addition, the scientists stated that the overall curative effect gained from communicating with pets also provide health impacts. When stroking the dog, our muscles relax, the heart rate slows, and blood pressure will return to normal numbers. So that was disitat of Genius Beauty, Saturday (04/16/2011).

The authors of the article explains this by saying that dogs emit large amounts of pure positive energy because all processes in the body they are very active.

According to scientists, four-legged animals that became man's best friend would want to share the excess energy with a lot of people. Therefore, the nature of their drug.

Journal of Health write interesting facts about dog saliva contains a substance called lysozyme drugs that damage the bacterial cells.

With these results, so if you are sick, do not forget your favorite pet can help heal. Just spend more time with his pet dog, better than usual treatment.

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