To Indonesia, Justin Bieber Bring 50 Accompanying Persons

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
JUSTIN Bieber certain to be featured in solo concerts in Indonesia, 23 April next.

Canadian teenage superstar was going to come to Jakarta in the entourage is not small.

According to the riders who have been accepted promoter, Bieber party requesting accommodation for about 50 people.

"50 people was composed of the crew, the artistic team, band, and dancers," said Marcel Permadhi, Project Director, Diamond Entertainment, in a press conference on E-Corner Cafe, Epicntrum, Jakarta, Tuesday (22 / 3).

As a world-class artists, according to Marcel, the demand requested by Bieber Bieber in his riders fairly simple. There is no excess demand or magic.

"Of the riders that we have received, seen Bieber was a low profile artist. His request is still within reasonable limits. All we can still support,"said Marcel.

While in Jakarta, Justin will be staying at five star hotels. For security reasons, the promoter of secrecy which hotel will be used.
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