Justin Bieber Schedule Concert in Indonesia

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Justin Bieber sensational singer will hold concerts in Sentul, Bogor on 23 April. Marcel Permadi as the promoter of Diamond Entertainment, said for the convenience of the star, the promoter will keep the hotel where Bieber stay, "Because the fans are great basenya once, we will not tell where he will stay.
Marcel said his department has been coordinating with the management team to tighten security Bieber concert. Safety concerts will be in accordance with the standard concert Bieber in other countries.
"The security system the same as in other countries. We can assure you he will be safe. Security will be very tight. "He continued.
In addition, Marcel is also admitted that viewers will pay attention to comfort will come later, there will be no class festival. All the spectators in attendance certainly will get a seat at the concert.
"So Justin Bieber concert will all sit down. Given that the festival many reports of broken bones such as the concert last year "due diligence.
Online ticket purchases can be made starting March 24 this. Purchaser will provide the 6500 ticket.
For the closing exchange the voucher was dated 23 March and was able to purchase online on March 24 this. And that's for sure, not postponed again, "said Project Director Marcel Permadi Diamond Entertainment. Promoters assert as many as 2900 tickets have been selling shares. Still there will be 6500 pieces of more tickets will be available when the promoter opening sales. Sales will only be done through site www.rajakarcis.com.
"We're also not afraid to lose viewers, especially with the limitations of existing tickets we believe will be exhausted. And yesterday when sold yesterday also sold out. With enthusiasm like that we're confident viewers will not be retroactive, "said Marcel.
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