Hug The wife on the stage, Leeteuk "Super Junior" Make Fans Cry envy

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Disappointed to know the handsome Leeteuk "Super Junior" has got a wife? Not only that, the ELF was made jealous by the romance of Leeteuk with his wife, Kang Sora. This is demonstrated by hugging Sora Leeteuk at concerts "Super Show 4" in Japan, the MBC reality show episode, "We Got Married".

Began when Leeteuk will appear in concert "Super Show 4", Sora is present without the knowledge of her husband. Actually, Sora had come to surprise Leeteuk in the locker room. But the existence Sora Leeteuk known that when the concert took place he was handing out roses to fans. Instead Leeteuk approached his beloved wife by giving the final rose.

Want to surprise even got a surprise. With a romantic, Sora who was shocked husband immediately invited up onto the stage. Suddenly the ELF (fans) screaming hysterically, especially when Leeteuk singing while kneeling in front of his wife.

ELF dibikinnya increasingly jealous when Leeteuk was hugging her tightly. Super junior Leader seemed to want to show so love him with Sora, and shamelessly showing affection and attention in public. As a result, he had made
​​Sora cry because it's romantic act. Super Junior's other personnel do not want to miss, was immediately scrambled hugging Leeteuk come from behind.

Even more impressive again, before returning home, Sora gives Leeteuk lunch box and deliberately arrange the food menu in accordance with Leeteuk's face. Cash only Leeteuk thrilled with the "picture" themselves through food ingredients from fried fish cakes, ham, egg and tomato. "How can I eat?" Leeteuk said amazed.
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