Aphorisms in Spongebob Movie

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Synonyms and Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
It was not just me who likes to watch spongebob. While browsing my facebook friends could find me in a note he wrote aphorisms spongebob. Spongebob is not only the spectacle of children. Because there are also adults who like to watch cartoons on this one. And more than that, my friend had to make up words of wisdom from Spongebob episodes that he watched. the following notes:

1. 'Knowledge can not replace friendship. I (Patrick) would rather be an idiot than to lose you (Spongebob) '
2. Spongebob: What do you usually do when I go?
patrick: waiting for you back.
3. When SpongeBob becomes rich and also forgetting patrick spongebob friends who are already rich off of spongebob, spongebob pleaded with patrick, and patrick said:
'If money could make me forget my best friend, so I prefer to not have any money at all'

4. When patrick in defamation steal his jellyfish net spongebob, patrick said:
'Never mind friends .. I'm probably just an ugly starfish .. I'd rather go from bikini bottom .. this, just take my stuff .. but I never take your net friends .. '
(Patrick was accused of stealing the net and he patiently wrote)
5. Patrick shouted: 'I AM UGLY AND I AM PROUD!
6. If you tell a secret to someone, then it's not a secret anymore.
7. Spongebob will fit into jelly spotter member .. last patrick says:
'Excessive veneration is not healthy ..'

8. that time the parents would come to see her son Patrick. But Patrick was afraid of saying the same stupid parents. For the sake Patrick, SpongeBob's acting so stupid parents let her son Patrick did not say stupid. Then Patrick said to SpongeBob:
9. patrick considered when there are descendants of kings then began to take things belonging to others, he kept saying:
'Life is not fair, so get used' ..

10. spongebob time will make getting driving lessons for driving license ..
'You should learn to walk first son, is you can just run ..'
11. spongebob episodes of time looking for the new spatula, kept the gold he could spatula (if not mistaken), but not according to the golden spatula at the end he was behind SpongeBob uses his long spatula. then the spongebob way:
'Apparently all who glitters is not gold'
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