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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Not the Lionel Messi, Wesley Sneijder, or David Villa who became the fastest player in the 2010 World Cup. Then, who is running the most tight players?

Two days before the closing party terakbar football World wide, Castrol revealed some interesting statistics in the World Cup, as reported by Goal, Saturday (07/10/2010).

In addition to champion opportunities that are expected to win the Spanish, the official World Cup sponsors announced some unique facts.

Recorded 540 kick directed at goal. However, more than twice in every game that kicks off the mark.

JABULANI did make goalkeeper hassles. Not surprisingly, the guards made ​​404
rescue crossbar for his goal without conceding.

A total of 15 penalty kicks during the World Cup and produced nine goals.

The whole team did 595 contestants if Terliht corner kick. A total of 14 goals resulting from dead balls.

The referee blew the whistle 4744 times, took out 241 cards, 15 of them the red card.

The fastest player in this tournament is Javier Hernandez. Mexican starlet mempu ran with speed 32.15 km / hr.

While the retainer Uruguay Pereira signed as a player most often run on the field. He ran for a total distance of 66.5 km.

The players save energy by consuming 95,169 calories and fluids 41,042,771. They also set fire to 17,593 energy.

A total of 15,562,723,732 people watching World Cup matches, not to mention the 3,006,632 who came directly to South Africa.

Carers field using 304 liters of paint to paint the field lines that are used for the match.
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