Kate Middleton Prince William divorce?

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Prince William brought shocking news related to his marriage to Kate Middleton. Prince holds a Duke of Cambridge was admitted regret marrying her, and intend to divorce. Really?

In a press conference, admitted William married Kate is a biggest mistake of his life. The first son of Prince Charles and Kate thought he was actually not a couple.

"I do not know what I think at that time. We are not a couple. I never loved him and be honest from the beginning I was not interested in getting married," said William, as quoted from The Onion, on Friday (06/03/2011).

"People think if our marriage like in the fairy tale story. But the truth is just a ceremony that horrible fake out of control,"said Williams with a back entrance to Buckingham Palace.

But it should not be too trusting news broadcast of The Onion this. The reason is, it's just fiction from The Onion about William and Kate's wedding which was held last 29 April 2011.

During this The Onion is known as a specialist news parody and jokes. One of the hoax story of The Onion The most shocking news of the world is calling Justin Bieber is a man of 51 years.

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