Mobile phones For Health Massage

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Vibrating alert (vibrate) in the phone it was already familiar to us. But when the effects of vibration can be utilized for treatment, may still be new to many people. You simply connect the phone to the kind of sheet (pad) special, vibrate effect will turn into your personal masseur.

It is Motorola's recently patented technology of this phone. Vendors are to set to electrode device into energy generated and transmitted to the simulator pad. The basic idea of
​​this new finding is actually not too brand-new, just to develop the role of vibration in the mobile phone into therapeutic massage (massage treatment).

To link them, there is a connector cable between the device and pad. Resonance effect is sometimes quite hard and sometimes able to give side effects to the muscle tissue beyond that so as not to waste utilized as a massage tool.

In addition to the development of the hardware side, actually support the health service via phone is provided via software (software). Soundtells, developer of software specifically developed for example health information service has its own solution. Recently on the website, software providers are introducing versions geratisan free software for symbian phones Acupressure massage seri60.

The contents of this software is quite complete and presents the expert guidance of Dr Acupressure. Aaron Stein of the United States. Views instructions presented in the form of text and images on the right hand of the binding step. This is based on studies and experience of Chinese active points stimulation in more than 5 thousand years ago.

Acupressure own work with that pattern not much different with acupuncture. Just do not use needles, but still rely on massage at specific points. In the free software is only devoted to the anticipation of health disorders through hand massage.

Type of guidelines presented include allergies, acid, influenza, depression, diet, diabetes, feng shui, insomania, and so forth. So if this already biased so you never need to come to the place massagers your subscription, just set your mobile phone and feel the sensation
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    Mobile phones in healthcare are connecting doctors, patients and information in creative and innovative ways. Early indications are that more health and fitness applications of cell phones are on the way. Thanks a lot.

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