Men Hate When Women Do This

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
Women with wide hips, breasts and buttocks plump able to make men crazy. But actually there are some behaviors that women make men crazy, in the negative category. What?

Men want women to understand that they do not like the habits that was launched following Sheknows.

Obsessed with weight

Men do not understand why women are so obsessed with weight. For men, when you lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain food intake that was enough. Not a few men who actually shake their heads every woman analyze the shape of her body in front of the mirror for too long because not long ago was just a pack of ice cream.

"I hate it when the wife starts complaining about her body. I'll leave the room," said Nick (30).


The love to get together with girlfriends, it's hard to leave behind the woman. Unfortunately, most of us even ended gossip about others-men do not see this as something to be proud of.


Fault-finding is one behavior that is very unpopular man. Not only do we have disrupted the couple, but when the carping began to emerge that the signals we do not believe in the ability of listening partner.

Better, tell your partner what are the benefits if he does what you ask for, rather than remind him of her anger over 16 times per minute. Explain why the action is important and how you will be disappointed if he did not.

Angry and silent

Although he was smart enough to shut down did not say anything, but this action will only make your partner angry. The man became frustrated when you squelched.

"Why my wife does not say just what he wants, instead of not picking up the phone and did not reply to Easy Street," explained Vic (31).

If you do not talk about the problem, then the problem will get solved Suli. So talk!
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