Christian Bautista, 'I'm Already King', Simple But Full of Meaning

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Synonyms And Synonyms 
Synonyms And Synonyms
Acoustic guitar into an introduction at the beginning of the song I'm Already King, followed by Christian Bautista clear voice. This is a new single from the singer from the Philippines, Christian Bautista.

The single is also the soundtrack of the movie INCREDIBLE symphony was performed with a simple arrangement. But the simplicity is implied a deep meaning of the lyrics are sung by a Christian.

Addition of female voice choir and orchestra parts towards the end of the song provides its own value so that it looked magnificent. If we penetrate deeper into this song, as if our emotions are involved and upset the rhythm of the symphony is so beautiful with the right tempo fluctuations.

The song I'm Already Satrio King was written by personnel from Alexa. Not just sing it, Chris is also involved directly when making a song.

For some reason, although we have not seen the movie but this single has described a very unusual story. The single is like to be one force that really support, especially innate singer song The Way You Look At Me in addition to also become the main character of this movie, I do not know for sure is very fitting.
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