Wow, Andrea Bocelli will duet with Dira Sugandi!

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
In his concert in Jakarta, the famous Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli, will collaborate with jazz singer who was rising from Indonesia, Dira Sugandi.

Andrea Bocelli concert scheduled to be held on 15 May at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Ballroom, Pacific Place, Jakarta. By
accompanied by the Magenta Orchestra, Bocelli will collaborate with women singers whose voices blaring the Dira Sugandi.

"At first they find a friend duet for Andrea at this concert and they asked us. We suggest two names, but that
selected is Dira Sugandi,"said Dewi Gontha, as the promoter Java Festival Production at his press conference at Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Jakarta (6 / 5 / 2011).

Goddard explained that the management of Andrea Bocelli was the one who choose their own duet Dira Sugandi as a friend later.

"So we sent samples of his voice to their side, then they choose it. Why Dira finally chosen because, one candidate that we offer according to him, afraid her voice was not up to. So Dira was elected,"added Goddard.

To what song will be brought later, Goddard claimed to have been advised by Andrea Bocelli. Of course, collaboration is carried Bocelli opera music combined with the aura emitted by the vocal jazz Dira Sugandi will be a public-awaited moment Indonesia
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