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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
WANT to create a unique moment when expressing an invitation to marry him? Just do these steps. Guaranteed, any special moment will be a meaningful series unforgettable.

The moment when a man claims that the seriousness and call to get married is a special session to prepare as much as possible. The reason is, the memory will be connected as a moment in a lifetime life both of you.

Now, rather than confused to express, please follow the following simple ways, such as the Times of India reviewed.

Acting a little dramatic

Call on local theater groups and ask them to perform simple theatrical in which the players present the story of your intention to marry him.

Treasure hunting

Invite a couple to a favorite place to enjoy the treasure hunt games. Previously, you had memersiapkan some writing as a guide. As the core of everything, which is located in the most distended clue where the real treasures are stored that is the sentence that read, "Will you marry me?" While accompanied by the presence of your knees to welcome his arrival.

Make a small picnic

Invite a friend to arrange a small picnic area with good food. Then at the appointed place, immediately use to give him a surprise.

Using a T-shirt inscribed will you marry me?

To thicken the atmosphere in expressing your serious intention to ask for her hand, ask your friend to use a T-shirt that read, "Will you marry me?"

Go clubbing

Bring a partner to a place of her favorite clubbing. Then ask the DJ to tell these intentions and asked the DJ to play her favorite song.

Create a cartoon sketch

Ask a cartoonist to create a caricature of the picture you both. On your image, ask for written, "Will you marry me?" And the sketch he says "Yes" (which shows the response to your request).

Make a special cake

Ask the baker to bake a cake that contains your personal message. For example, the words "Will You Accompany My Life Forever?". Then ask the bakery workers to place it in a display in front of stores. Well, to give him a surprise, take her for window shopping at the booth and let him see the cake you a special message for him.

Make a recording on cassette / CD

Make a romantic statement, for example, expressed the intention to marry him as he recited some poetry to the accompaniment of acoustic guitar on which all these scenes you record. After that, secretly enter the record in his MP3 player and let him listen.
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