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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms and Synonyms
Myth and reality of sex is always flashing. Before it plunges you because the perception is wrong, consider the following review so that the agenda of the more amazing sex.

If you have still haunted by questions about the reality of sex offending women and men, it's time to dispel myths. Too much raises what is allowed and what is not allowed only cause the wrong relationship.

Well, if you're one of the victims of sexual myths, throw away what you have heard so far. Here are the facts of various sexual myths that mislead reviewed the Times of India.

Fantasize about someone else in bed = bad thing

Sexual experience does not just involve the brain and organs only. If the brain has a tendency to wander, then one of the control of yourself.

The most important thing to consider in a relationship is commitment. When in bed, no matter how you think about Brad Pitt or whoever as a fantasy artist. Most importantly, keep your commitment to the couple and trying to satisfy them.

Women feel safe when a man pulls penetration before ejaculation

Men do not always realize when ejaculation fluid seeped out. This course contains sperm which can cause pregnant couples. If a couple wish to have children should not watch this.

Men think about sex every seven seconds

This is a miracle. According to research by the Kinsey institute, the United States, 14 percent of men think about sex every day or several times a day.

While the other 67 percent think about sex only a few times per month, or several times per week, and 14 percent less than once a month.

Oral sex is safer than penetration

Oral sex is considered as part of sexual activity. Therefore, you will not really be immune from the threat of sexually transmitted diseases if only menikmat this one session.

The threat of new disease can enter the body when there are sores in the mouth or throat where the session involves the exchange of fluid in it.

Men are always ready to have sex

One of the most common myths about male sexuality is that men never tired to have sex. Moreover, they are often under stress and fatigue that sometimes allowed to be in a bad mood when having sex.

In addition, they were influenced by the emotions that often affect libido. So, if he does not respond to your sexual solicitation, it does not mean he is not interested in you anymore. Chances are he's not in a good mood.

Penis size has always been a problem

For the umpteenth time, he should not have to make the size of his penis as a problem. Instead, by working hard to apply appropriate techniques, all will be missed with great pleasure.

If you know the true art of pleasure your partner, chances are he will not realize how big or small organ.

Viagra as a savior

On the one hand, the accessory sex is a solution that saves the man when dirudung problems such as erectile dysfunction. But on the other hand, this item is to provide long-term dependency.

If still experiencing failure, you should consult with experts so that problems can be overcome by it should be.

If you experience problems such as hypertension and diabetes, this is the cause behind the lack of effective performance of Mr P. The drugs would only result in serious side effects. To save it, you just need to know what you will do.

After a certain age, sex is no longer important

Whatever your age, sex just do it whenever you want. It's very simple. The key lies in your ability and desire to do so. Physical and emotional impact of sex positive can even lengthen your life.

As the movement of age, decreased libido are common. However, hormonal factors, depression, problems with communication disorders and anxiety couple more important role.

Men are not interested in foreplay

Generally, women believe that men have one goal when having sex, reaching orgasm. But in fact, many men are not only thinking about that goal but also noted the need of their partner.

In fact, men enjoy foreplay because it helps to keep track of the crush of routine stress and thoughts about the erection.
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