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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Author: Dee or Dewi Lestari
Publisher: Truedee Books
Year published prints to-7: 2006
ISBN: 979-96257-0-X
Number of Pages: 286 Pages
Dimensions: 16x21 cm
Description: Novel SUPERNOVA intended for those who want to live. What would be submitted at the Supernova is not something easily understood. We tried to summarize the history of billions of years. We tried to detect the movements of something
speed exceeding light. We tried to contain what can only be reached abstraction called "faith" into our brain cells that obsolete. But, do not get discouraged too quickly. In the complexity of the structure and mechanism, there is a simple pattern that we can catch. Maybe even too simple, so that your mind is already accustomed to living in severity, unable receive. but that we are trying to learn: how one can solve all the complexity of simplicity.
I am not a teacher, you are not a disciple.
I just reveal facts.
Tracer spider web.
Observer nodes of the strands of yarn pearak uninterrupted.
There is only one paradigm here: INTEGRITY.
Moving for ONE purpose: to create a better life.
For us. For World. This work became one of the Top 5 of Equator Literary Award. Not just criticism, praise, and debate but also to bring fresh air that stretching back literature industry in Indonesia. Has become a national best seller and has sold its first episode 100 thousand books. Karya Dewi Lestari from Bandung is an inspiration to you-you lover literary world, especially the creation of novel creation. One of the new freshness is emerging as a search through science, spirituality, and romance are intelligent, unique and shocking. In a world with shrinking distances and mind required for the increasingly globalized, Supernova can provide some alternatives to look at the perception of human existence and its relation to all aspects of life. So, fill out your book collection with the work of Dee's novel is ....
little notes, in fact this book has long been published. but I want to write your description of how can this book for those of you who have never read.
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