Power Within for Health and Medicine

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
WORKERS in no longer underestimated. Mastery of power in the person becomes an alternative for the treatment and health. This type of body is in demand among exclusif like executives.

Gymnastics BREATHING - Dozens of residents following the power in gymnastics and breathing in the Field Hatta Palembang, a few days ago. (Sripo / jack)

Perhaps, especially in Palembang South Sumatra was hit by the trend of body and alternative medicine use in power.
Around 21:00, every Thursday at page Pemprop South Sumatra, dozens of people wearing black pants and green T-Shirt young people, middle demonstrate the movement according to the direction and guidance of the coach. Their bodies were soaked in sweat.
Among the trainees looked Moch H Hatta, SE, MM, Wakadishub Sumsel seen wiping the streaming sweat. Hatta and several other officials within the usual practice Pemprop Sumsel if the body with energy in the Prana Sakti.
While every Sunday morning between the hours of 6:00 to 10:00 in the courtyard of the Great Mosque, some of the Great Mosque Foundation board, such as Drs H Jalaluddin (Chairman of the Great Mosque Foundation) and members of the security sensitivity of the Great Mosque looking to train with if the body through the Pencak Silat Merpati Putih.
So also in Pusri, several terraces and senior officials in the state is absorbed by the body to process energy in Tedari exercises, such as those occupied, Syamsu Rizal (former staff of the Office of Public Relations of PT Pusri). Here too there is a practice Satria Nusantara.
Sports body's inner power is also engaged Dr. Hamid Rashid, Vice Rector Unsri IV. He has 12 years of studying if the body in the Prana Sakti. Hamid said that humans have an interesting biolistrik system. The cells in the human body of more than a trillion, each of which has an electric charge equal to 90 mega-volt (mV). With the processing of motion, breathing and concentration to produce a more steady biolistrik system.
"The electric charge was not uniform, after being trained, then dikutubkan is ready to use," he said.
Hamid Rashid said that even workers in already become a necessity for some people.
Never Sick
If the body is different from other sports, hence the elderly are very appropriate to follow the flow of any body work. Because the movements are taught not to impose but according to need.
At White Pigeon, for example, exercises to cultivate ether (electromagnetic fields) surrounding the human body is processed through movement and breathing chest, abdomen, and pragma (kudalini). Ir Fathoni, a coach Merpati Putih in Kilkenny said, aspects of the movement moves include punches with an adapted form of breathing.
"Breathing is indispensable to the movement, technique and speed blows. Merpati Putih blow trained never to use the bone so that the injury never happened, "he said.
Moch Hatta said if the body part he was interested because they want to stay healthy. He is engaged and if the body since 1991, the result until now he never dealt with a doctor. He believes that there is cholesterol in the body gradually disappear once the symptoms of other diseases.
"No two-week training course, this body feels heavy and health impaired," he said.
So also is said Taslim, private sector employees who are motivated to follow the practice of body to health. In fact, drg Abraham says, to learn if the body speed up the recovery process is faster when the body is experiencing fatigue. "With certain movements, body condition can be stabilized so that the body is not susceptible to the disease," he said. He said one automatically has a strong defense of the body component. (Sin)

Fresh Body, Disease Away
AS medical therapy, people who follow if the body can give help to fellow human beings who are experiencing health problems. Of course, the way treatment is carried out each different flow patterns as well as its approach.
When power was demonstrated in the body can feel the benefits. But in imiah hard to explain, because it involves the phenomenon of power in itself.
The human body has a certain power points commonly raised with breathing though. Power was able to produce a shift in touch without physically.
In the treatment techniques, players can use abstract touches. "People can do the healing, if he has excess power," said Dr. Hamid Rashid, Vice Rector Unsri IV.
According to him, people who have excess power can be felt if there is a current thrust both hands brought near. "The benefits of exercise by the body, in addition to healthful and refreshing the body, because health is expensive, can also provide treatment to others. So there's the attraction, "he said.
Ir Fathoni, Merpati Putih in Palembang coach added, in general, healing is done through three processes, the first destruction of the disease, both interesting and dispose of the disease, and the third fence in the patient's body.
"The White Dove sensitivity even for the visually impaired are trained to recognize the vibrations around him," he said.
"Power in a show of strength but not to awaken people good and bad. Awareness of this kind that provides the motivation for someone to learn it, "he said.
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