Messi Tak Pentingkan Gol di Final

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
Lionel Messi will be stripped of personal ambition in the Champions League final. Messi will not dissolve in the hope of many people for him to continue scoring goals. For him, winning the final against Manchester United, more mainstream.

Messi scored 52 goals inin all kompetis this season ,11 of them inscribed in the Champions League . If successful at the final score later, placement rival Ruud van Nistelrooy, who packed 12 goals in one season in the Champions League.

"Gol is only important if it makes you win the game. If I had not scored a goal and champions Barcelona in the Champions League, it's not important anymore, "said Messi was quoted as saying Goal, Sunday (23/05/2011).

Massey asserted just want to achieve collective success with team, not personal glory. Therefore, he never thought what if not score a goal at Wembley later.

"And I do not control the desire to score goals more than other players in the Champions League."

In La Liga, Messi had led the table top scorer with 31 goals, but Ronaldo menyalipnya by scoring many goals in the last three games to reach 38 goals.
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