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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
INDEED, cutting and styling hair for face shape is very influential. But with the help of the effect of "highlights" the appropriate hair, face shape will look more proportional.

Based on the survey conducted by Johnny Andrean, a total of 7 out of 10 women wanted to appear more attractive and completely without leaving their natural atmosphere, including the face. Unfortunately, the impression became hard to come by, one of them because of cuts and hair styles that are less precise. And, one that is often overlooked, namely highlights.

Here's a cheat sheet to highlight hair that fit every face shape:

Round or square face

Usually, the face with this form has a fairly wide area on the side of the face and jaw. For this face, give it a lighter color of highlights on the crown of the head and apply a darker color on the face side area. As a result, the face will look more gaunt.

Liver or triangular face

Face with this form has a wide forehead and narrow chin is shrinking. Give highlighted with bright colors at the bottom of the hair on the chin area, and increasingly leads to the old color to the limit of the eyebrows. Bright color will give more volume effect on the chin that is too thin.

Pear shape face

The face is usually choose a narrow forehead and wide jaw. For this face, use a light color highlights on the top of the head to the front of the hair, the less the side direction. Paint the rest of the hair with a darker color for the side area of ​​the face look more gaunt.

Elongated oval face shape

This face shape has a small area, but elongated on the forehead and chin. Use higlight bright colors on the side of the head. And, give a little color highlights on top of his head. As a result, the face will look more proportional.
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