Google Earth Available For Tablet Android

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
Google Earth for the Android OS has been available since last year, but now the application has been made ​​specifically for the tablet based on Android.

Parties Google announced that the update of Google Earth for Android tablets have added features such as 3D textured buildings, a tour of Street View, Action Bar for easier navigation and the ability to fly to a location, similar to how the desktop version of Google Earth.

"Google Earth Moving from smart phones to tablet is like moving from the ordinary into IMAX theaters. We take advantage of large screen sizes, including pop-up content that is on display Google Earth, allowing users to see more information without having to turn back a page , "wrote Google's side on their official blog. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Friday (6/5/2011).

Google Earth tablet version introduces a way to look around the 3D textured models of buildings, while showing a photo location that is being viewed.

Google Earth application for the tablet Android already available for download for free, whether it be through / earth in the mobile browser or via the Android Market.
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