For the Meets His mother, boy 10 Year Travel 500 KM

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
A 10-year-old boy from Bolivia trying to find her mother who had just been released from prison. However, in order to realize the noble intention that the boy must be met by various temptations to stray into Chile.

The boy was hiding in a truck
agent minerals, hoping to deliver himself to meet with mother dearest. He traveled through the Andes mountain range which is 500 kilometers.

Franklin Vilca finally arrived in the city of Iquique, Chile, after traveling for three days. He take it without food and beverage.

"I just want to meet with mother," the boy said when interviewed by a Chilean television station.

The boy climbed up on a truck from the city of Oruro in Bolivia, because it thinks that the truck was going to the city of Cochabamba, the city where his mother was imprisoned.

Franklin finally got out of the truck and just run without direction until the area of ​​Alto
Hospicio, in Iquique city outskirts. At that moment a woman named Margarita Flores found it and took it home.

The boy was eventually handed over to police. Fortunately the courts still allow him to remain in Chile.

But unfortunately, despite the boy's mother has been acquitted, the court forbade him to go outside of Chile.

Long story short, both mother and child can communicate through the telephone network.

"I want to meet with the mother," said Franlin to his mother, during the broadcast on television. "I just want to go to Cochabamba, quick pick me bu!"

"My mother was already out of prison. You will no longer live only with my father and brother again, but you will be with my mother, my dear," said the mother with a loose back tears, as reported by AFP on Friday (05/13/2011 ).
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