Enchantment Kutai Kartanegara la Defrico Audy

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
Employers of Indonesian Fashion Designers ASSOCIATION (APPMI) is proud to showcase the work of one talented young designers, Defrico Audy. Defrico the theme of "Rhythm of Tribalism" conjure Ulap Doyo cloth and fabric motif Dayak, a collection of amazing.

The concept of design itself is inspired from the cultural diversity of Kutai, the country that used to be a Hindu kingdom of Kutai in Indonesia. Where a lot of royal heritage of arts, culture, and traditional cloth that is used only for ceremonial dowry or alone.

"Culture is thick animismelah will trust that inspired my collection, where I put the rattle in my clothes sagta which translated means to summon spirits in religious ceremonies Saar," says label owner Defrico Audy, Aute by Audy and Puan at the Harris Hotel, Coconut D'Ivoire, on Thursday (05/19/2011).

That said, Defrico displays what is called the clothes of the soldiers and the king of the glamorous and highly viscous would detail ethnicity. For colors, this collection is displayed with bright colors which, according to Defrico middle becoming a trend.
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