Earthquake forecast, Grandpa Suicide

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms

A desperate grandfather committed suicide because of fear afterthe prediction of island homes will hit by the earthquake anddevastating tsunami.
70-year-old grandfather is suffering from chronic depression. Hejumped from the fifth floor of his house on the outskirts of TaipeiCity on Thursday, May 5. He was later pronounced dead in hospital.
The grandfather said the family, the grandfather conditionsworsened after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake in northeasternJapan in March. Coupled with predictions of a psychic who saysTaiwan will also be destroyed by the brunt of the earthquake andtsunami.
"My hair has been bleached of all. Too much of what I worry about,"said the grandfather told his wife shortly before a suicide jump asquoted by AFP on Friday (06/05/2011).
Prosecutors in Taiwan are now investigating a known psychicnamed Master Wang. Diprediksikannya doomsday warning thathas made ​​people
 make shelters from cardboard.
Prosecutors suspect, psychic are in collusion with cardboardmanufacturers. Allegations are based on psychic statement thatsaid cardboard will be safer than ordinary buildings when the earthquake struck.
Reportedly, more than 100 shelters of cardboard have been built inPuli, a town in central Taiwan, after Wang predicts will be a massive earthquake hit Taiwan on 11 May. Wang claimed the quake will cost the lives of millions of lives.
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