Stay Fresh When stratagem Leather Hot Weather

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
WEATHER heat not only makes the pain for the body because the temperature became erratic, but also suffered on the skin because it seemed dull and dry.

If you want to appear to remain "fresh", just follow the following guidelines, as reviewed Idiva.


The heat can suck all the moisture in the skin. To fix this, use a moisturizing cream that can be rubbery back of your skin. Use noncomedogenic moisturizer to avoid dry skin. You can use it every day. Hydrating the skin is needed to make your skin look soft and supple. Choose a moisturizing lotion, but does not make skin oily. Make sure to drink at least 3-4 liters per day. Water can help your skin free from irritations and allergies.


When summer arrives, so accumulate dirt and sweat and makes skin look dull. Using facial masks and scrubs the skin becomes an important agenda that needs to be done. Excessive pollution will make the dead cells are formed on the surface of the skin. Masks and scrubs will help remove dead cells kulti it.

Use sunblock

The second item that you must have when summer sunscreen is there any place that is usually contained in sunblock. Sunblock protects the skin from tanning, burns, pigmentation and dehydration. In our country, is recommended sunscreen with SPF 30.

In addition to skin, hair becomes an important item that needs to be preserved beauty. Do not forget to pamper your hair with a light gel or a hair mask to prevent damage or drought.

The treatment for lips, hands and nails

Lips and hands are the most important point to be maintained its beauty during the summer. Extra care needs to be done to keep it from damaging exposure to sun, To nail, do not forget to put cream that can prevent the amplifier from fragility. As for lips, do not forget to use the fruity lip balm for lips always more supple skin.


You are what you eat. The old adage applies even when the summer lasts. The best foods to provide shade in the skin is green leafy vegetables and vitamin C supplements that can precipitate heat well. You can meet them through the consumption of spinach, cabbage is full of minerals and vitamins that can moisturize the skin from within. Not only that, you also need to ensure adequate intake of fresh fruits such as lemons, oranges as external sunblock.

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