Old Vacuum, Powerslaves Lost Fans Not Worried

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Powerslaves rock band did not feel worried about their fans left, though the last six years has stalled. For them, the fans just fall asleep for a moment alone.

"Yes, staying just woken Mas," says vocalist Powerslaves, Heydi Ibrahim, relaxed when talking with Legal in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/12/2010).

Heydi said, Powerslaves which has stood since 1991 has had thousands of rabid fans from all over Indonesia. With the vacuum Powerslaves, slaver believed to only fall asleep for a moment.

Mini-album titled 'Do not You Dead' this is indirectly addressed to wake them the slavers, Powerslaves is back again.

What is important now, continued Heydi, live how to maintenance the fans who had never existed. "Just woken up," she said.

Icha of Rock n Roll Train management to add, since management was established in October 2010 and then, maintenance has been done to the fans through a variety of ways. Either through facebook, social networking or other means.

So far, there have been two thousand fans joined in the facebook account Powerslaves. In fact, there are also some other facebook accounts created slaver, like making a facebook account Powerslaves fans club Semarang, Medan, Surabaya, Jember, and others.

Heydi continued, Virgin label actually get Powerslaves not like getting a new band. Because PS has never existed and has many fans. Icha added, some time before they ever buy 500 mini album Powerslaves and sell directly to fans. "Within three days are all gone," he said.

This proves, says Heydi, that the slavers are still there and exist, only had time to doze off.

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