Handling & Process Healing Brain Tumors

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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms
TUMOR brain is a complicated problem, so its handling requires managers team consisting of several expert-usually led by a neurosurgeon, and will involve a neurologist, radiologist, anesthesiologist-neurological, oncology and radiotherapy.

Although no exact cause of the underlying disease of the brain tumor, but suspected there are several risk factors, including:

1. Brain tumors are more developed in men.
2. There is a history of cancer in the family.
3. The existence of exposure to radiation, chemicals such as formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and acrylonitrile.
4. Possible effect of mobile phone usage.

Until now, the certainty of diagnosis of cancer may take several years, fortunately this time the disease can be overcome with more sophisticated techniques and powerful than ever before.

How to handle?

Dr Keith Goh, Consultant at the International Neuro Neurosurgery Associates, Novena Medical Centre, Singapore explained, the main step and the most important for the treatment of brain tumor is neurosurgery.

Pembedahaan goal is to remove the tumor cells as much as possible and ensure the healthy surrounding brain tissue remains intact. There are a lot of technologies offered by the surgeons, which makes the surgery more safely, accurately and with fewer complications than ever before. For example, now the International Neuro Associates, Novena Medical Centre, Singapore, using the operating system of computerized image-guidance (computerised image-guidance operating systems / IGS), which is how it works similar to the GPS system.

This tool allows to point right at the spot location of the tumor, and make a small hole for the key hole for the surgeries. Sometimes, neuro-endoscopy may be an option with direct vision into the brain and remove the tumor.

"Pascapembedahan, tumor tissue will be analyzed and determined the type of tumor. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy is sometimes necessary, especially if the tumor has a malignant nature. Additional therapy and medicine will be given to reduce symptoms, such as creating a channel as the flow of cerebrospinal fluid disposal, and medicines to reduce seizures and brain swelling, "said Dr. Keith Goh.

The healing process

In some cases, surgery is followed by the disposal of the relevant parts of the brain, so pascatindakan, patients have difficulty to move, speak or eat. Many forms of therapy can help restore or repair activities that were disrupted by the condition. For example, physiotherapists can restore movement limitations and the level of patient power, and speech therapists will help improve the quality of speech and eating.

It is important also to note that the diagnosis and therapy of brain tumors should be done as early as possible, so that gives good results. Now, with the development of medical science, the increasing capabilities and sophistication of surgical operating room technology, have created a brain tumor as a disease that can be treated and cured!
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