Trends in New York, 2009. Practical Sweet

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Synonyms and Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
Once popular in 2007 now re-decorate the skin with a piece of spring that is simpler.
Style guide
• leather vest with a mini or maxi canal. Shown with fixed firmly forward the female side.
• leather pencil skirt with a chiffon blouse. Add sexy stilettos and oversized clutch, then you are ready to party on weekends.
• leather pants with baggy tops like T-shirts or knit dress. Choose a color palette of dark, romantic Gothic style also comes in an instant.

Starred Materials
Material metallic lurex which produces the impression this time favored in the form of tailoring.
Style guide
• Use metallic colors are 'safe', such as black, gold, or silver.
• Select the detail that is not excessive, like a double breasted jacket, which take you back to the 80s in a modern metallic style.
• If you are looking for stylish layering, select chiffon or other lightweight material to avoid the impression is too heavy.

One Shoulder
The shoulders are not symmetrical one of an attractive alternative to follow trends.
Style guide
• Wear with a pair of Jodhpur, eclectic performances key instantly.
• Add a pencil skirt and fitted jacket, the one-shoulder 'legitimate' to wear to the office.
• For one-shoulder overalls, select the detail of interest such as arms wide.

Zipper this season are explored in a variety of clothing, ranging from the jumpsuit, pants, and overalls.
Style guide
• Select the vertical zipper detail for the effects of the body more level.
• Avoid accent zipper from top to bottom.
• Details zipper adds a glamorous metallic colors.

Architectural Forms
Time to get out of the ordinary appearance into constructive forms of the firm. However, to use it takes a lot of grip so as not to be creatures of the planet.
Style guide
• This season, choose neutral colors, like white or beige for a softer silhouette.
• Wear for monocolor appearance without paired with other colors to make it look more 'clean'.
• futuristic silhouette that still expose a woman's curves will always be more beautiful on the body (flattering).

Color Nude
Its good nude color to appear feminine. Welcoming the spring of this year, treat yourself gently nuanced fashion.
Style guide
• a natural nude color fits perfectly with contemporary ethnic appearance. Pair with a maxi skirt with soft colors, or use a natural colored bandana.
• Match nude color with clothing made from shiny to give the impression of luxury.
• safari style is also easy to obtain with a nude color. Choose which details pocket or match with colors like moss green or brown.

Color Jreng
Time to look bright! This time neon colors are solid present with a more natural combination, you can even wear to the office.
Style guide
• Pair with monochromatic colors for a formal appearance, then the days to the office became more colorful.
• To look more relaxed, matching with neutral colors like beige.
• Dare to mix the two bright colors for a more dramatic effect.

Tie Waist quirky
Belts to be different for this season. The creators of the New York fashion trends seem to explore the creative form, but still wearable.
Style guide
• For a construction belt architectural, select dark color for clothing remained visible as a vocal point.
• dress and cardigan legitimate belt wrapped around.
• Select a color to replace black-brown to be more varied.

Solid Color
Solid color through the color block is an attractive alternative to be tried in the spring of this year.
Style guide
• Choose clothing with a combination of two solid colors for maximum fresh appearance.
• For superior color details bright color blocks, coated with a jacket or blazer to the impression of masculine.
• Detailed color block on the canal is also interesting when mixed with a little motif that seems more exciting fashion.

Shoe laces
This season wearing the rope. Forget the stilettos or strappy sandals are not. Because, the designers of New York to entertain you with a variety of shoe laces.
Style guide
• Do not hesitate to tie in a place that you like.
• Select the ropes is not too much, if your legs are not slender.
• For you who calf was slim, do not hesitate to tie up to the upper calf

Bangle Heaps
A stack of bangle still you can spend up to spring this time because it seems the trend is still revolving around large bangle.
Style guide:
• Choose a bangle in bright colors, like neon green or fuchsia for appearance looks fresh.
• Combine several colors to attract attention

Must Have Bags
This spring folding bag and envelope bag is victorious.
• Use every opportunity to look ultrachic.
• Match with casual clothes like jeans and blouses
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