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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
"There are two major components in the system of Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System (Ina TEWS), namely the structural and cultural components. In its own structural components, there are three parts that play a role of seismometers operated by the Bureau of Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics (BMKG), tidal equipment mounted on the beaches and operated by Bakosurtanal and Tsunami Buoy, "said Chief Operations Program Ina TEWS Buoy BPPT , Rev. Pandoe when interviewed by one of the private television station on the engineering BPPT Tsunami Buoy (3.18).

Tsunami Buoy, Advanced Revelation, serves to detect the presence or absence of a tsunami. "It should be noted, which is not actually detect buoynya, but the Ocean Bottom Unit or placed at the bottom of OBU lautlah that can detect the presence or absence of a tsunami," he explained.

OBU is actively sending data through underwater acoustic modem that is attached to the tsunami buoys at sea level. Tsunami Buoy itself acts as a recipient of the data from the OBU. Then, the tsunami buoys transmit data via satellite to the tsunami monitoring centers Read Down Station (RDS) in flooring BPPT Building I 20. Buoys are placed near the source of the earthquake and tsunami, work on the tsunami wave or sea surface elevation anomaly is detected by sensors placed at OBU. This tool serves to record the arrival of tsunami waves.

"Where any change in ocean water that suddenly, it's one indication that indicate a tsunami. This system will then be turned into a tsunami warning in the form of acoustic wave data is then sent to the buoy. From the buoy and then will be sent to one of the RDS at BPPT, "said Wahyu.

Buoys in Indonesian waters

Buoys are now operated in the waters of Indonesia consists of four types, namely Indonesia Tsunami Buoy, Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting tsunamis (DART), the United States, Germany-Indonesian Tsunami Warning System (GITWS) and Buoy Wavestan.

"Since 2006, we have put buoys in 17 points from West Sumatra to the eastern Indonesian waters. Although many have installed, but often buoy-buoy is damaged or lost. As the Flores Sea, we've done three times and three times the installation was also suffered damage and vandalism. Similarly, in the Mentawai and south of Cilacap. Often found in the buoy-buoy was damaged so that must often be drawn to do repairs, "he said.

Therefore, further Revelation, is expected to help keep the public, especially fishermen in the tsunami buoys at sea. Because the tool is only tools in the sea that can confirm the presence or absence of a tsunami. "With the tsunami buoys are maintained, it will greatly help the public safety, especially in coastal areas."

Advanced Development

For the future, obviously Revelation, will be the development of Ina TEWS systems by using marine cable systems. "So from the OBU is located in the deep ocean, will be connected to a tower or a lighthouse on the beach with a cable, and forwarded to the RDS station at BPPT.

Planned submarine cable system will be implemented in five initial point of Ujung Kulon, Enggano Island Bengkulu, southern and northern island of Siberut, and Rondo Island. "With the submarine cable that does not mean we eliminate the role of the buoy. Buoy still installed, but the submarine cable system is used as a complement. Indicator is the buoy to detect tsunamis that are long distance or remote tsunami. While the cable system is expected to detect tsunamis or urgent local tsunami, "concludes Revelation.

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