Model Muslims Represent UK in Miss Universe 2011?

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IN 2010, Miss USA Rima Fakih had championed to win Miss Universe. In fact, he only penetrate 15 large, allegedly due to his statement about the construction of mosques at ground zero. Apparently, the issue of religion was coloring this year's election.

Shanna Bukhari, 24-year-old model and lives in Manchester, said he had received racist messages when they want to go to a beauty contest in her home country. However, Muslim groups accused him of insulting Islam.

Round bikini

Shanna was born in Blackburn and become a model full-time after completing a bachelor's degree. He dreamed of becoming Miss Universe, but a lot of criticism posted for him.

"(I accept) comments like, 'You are not a Muslim because you do this', it means the competition is making me a Muslim who is very bad. Clearly hurts me when people think so," he said, as quoted by the BBC, Tuesday (29 / 3 / 2011).

One of the main reasons some angry Muslim population is the fact that Shanna will have to appear in her bathing suit in one round of competition.

Is Mohammed Shafiq from the Ramadhan Foundation, a group that focuses on young Muslims in Britain-one of those who fight Shanna took part in Miss Universe.

"Islam is very clear that a woman should dress modestly and we do not believe that flaunt themselves in a bikini is the act of a gentleman," he said.

"We have certainly found that what he did is not preferred. Many women find that (competition) is degrading, "he continued.

He himself acknowledges the right of Muslim women to wear whatever they choose, but those who live in western countries must continue to respect Islam.

In fact, Shanna said many people support him, including his family in Pakistan. He promised not to wear a bikini, but a one-piece swimsuits.

Because of jealousy

Now, Shanna are following a beauty contest in the UK and if you win in the final May 1, 2011, he will become the first Muslim who represent England at Miss Universe in Brazil next.

"People attacked me, using religion as a tool, but could it really be because of religion? Or was it because you are jealous to see a girl go forward and not allow anyone dictates?" He said.

"There are people out there who want to control women," she said.

Miss Universe was first held in 1952. Last year, the contest was won by Ximena Navarrete of Mexico.
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