DNA testing, Is accurate and reliable?

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Synonyms And Synonyms
Synonyms And Synonyms
Have you ever heard the term DNA test? Maybe you've heard it from the environment around you, in the film, from celebrity gossip news or on television. DNA tests or of AND to this day is the most accurate way to determine the identity and the identity of a person. What exactly is DNA? What is checked when performing a DNA test? How this test can identify someone?

Synonyms And Synonyms
DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, or in Bahasa Indonesian is also called of AND which is short for deoxyribonucleic acid. DNA or genetic material of AND is found in the body of each person who inherited from parents. DNA contained in the nucleus of cells in the structure of chromosomes and the mitochondria.
Its function as a blueprint that serves as a giver of code for every human being such as to hair color, eye shape, face shape, skin color, and others. The introduction of DNA structure was introduced by Francis Crick, a British scientist and James Watson from the United States in 1953.
For simplicity we understand what kind of DNA, you try to think of a sentence. Sentence is composed of several words. And every word is formed from some alphabet. It could be argued, the alphabet is a basic element of many languages. A similar principle can be applied to DNA. At the molecular level, "alphabet" key is provided by DNA. What is amazing is that the "alphabet" consists of only four letters A, C, G, and T, which is a symbol of the chemical bases adenine, cytosine (cytosine), guanine, and thymine. These compounds form an exclusive bond, in which adenine is always paired with thymine and guanine always pairs with cytosine.
Form of DNA is like a double helix that are attached to the meeting. DNA consists of 4 base pairs A, C, G, and T which is a chemical component which contains nitrogen. The order of the bases in the DNA molecule was the one who determines the genetic information contained therein. In short, this sequence determines almost everything about you, from hair color, skin color, to shape your nose.
Every human has 23 pairs of chromosomes consisting of 22 pairs of somatic chromosomes and 1 pair of chromosomes determines gender. Someone with XX chromosomes determine the sex of female and XY for someone who is male sex. Chromosome is obtained from the parents, half from the mother and half from dad.
DNA Tests
On mitochondrial DNA known as mitochondrial DNA obtained from maternal overall. Tests with mitochondrial DNA mengembil one can identify whether someone has a family relationship with the family of the mother or the maternal family relationships. You do this by comparing the mitochondrial DNA had with the biological mother, grandmother or siblings of the mother.
Because a mother is fully lowered mitochondrial DNA to their children, what about the father? A father will inherit a Y chromosome to his son (because the Y chromosome has only male XY sex chromosomes). While the girls do not have Y chromosomes (XX female sex chromosome).
To prove the family's relationship with his father's side can be done by comparing the Y chromosomes of a child with her biological father or the brother of the father's side. Because the Y chromosome examination only for boys, then how to do DNA tests on a girl?
DNA testing is done by taking DNA from somatic chromosomes. Institute of DNA in the somatic almost the same in every person as it works to establish the functions and organs. Sequence errors can lead to disruption in humans is concerned. But at the core of these cells also contained an area known as the area of ​​STR (short tandem repeats). This area does not give the code to do something.
STR is what is unique because it is different for each person. The difference lies in the sequence of base pairs generated and the sequence repetition STR. AGACC sequence will be different with someone who has a string of AGACT. So is the sequence of repetition that is unique. STR pattern is inherited from parents.
How do DNA test?
In this example is a DNA test to prove whether a child really is the biological child of a husband and wife. How to check DNA tests done by taking STR from the child. Furthermore, the laboratory will be analyzed this sequence strands STR same whether the order with someone who made a pattern from a child. The order is not the only one because the examination was continued by looking at the number of chromosomes.
For example, the examination of a child found that the chromosome number 3 has a sequence AGACT with repetition 2 times. When the father or mother who claimed his biological parents also have a repetition of the same on the same chromosome number, it can be concluded between the 2 people that have family ties.
A person can be said to have a blood relationship if you have 16 STR in common with his biological ancestry. When the order and repetition of the same, then the two people who checked a sibling bond or a close blood relationship. This amount is quite small compared with the overall bond spiral in our bodies, amounting to billions.
DNA testing is done by taking a little part of your body to compare with others. The part that can be taken to be checked is the hair, saliva, urine, vaginal fluid, semen, blood and other body tissues. This sample will not change throughout one's life. The use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs will not change the structure of DNA. The results of DNA tests will be run from a new patient can be seen 2-4 weeks. Costs required for DNA tests currently around 7 to 8 million dollars.
Benefits of DNA Testing
DNA testing has now become a trend to prove the link one's blood relations. Given the many infidelities and free sex, has resulted in many children who questioned the origin of their parents. Therefore, many couples do DNA tests to prove the origin of these children were born.
Even in some countries, many DNA testing clinics. Many also are using DNA tests because of suspicion of her partner. Some people hand over personal items owned by her partner to the clinic to be tested whether spouses deal with people other than their partner.
In the police, DNA testing is also used for forensic tests. DNA testing is the most accurate evidence to test a person identification than fingerprints. With DNA testing, police can give authentic evidence regarding the bodies that have been destroyed, provided that tissue samples can be taken on these corpses.
In addition to detect family relationships, DNA testing also serves to detect a particular disease until the disease is complex. With DNA testing could know the cause of a disease that is much less hereditary.

Advances in technology have made more new things to learn. DNA identification is now a test of the most accurate and reliable. Information about DNA testing on hopefully to help you familiarize yourself more closely with the process.
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