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Synonyms And Synonyms

Synonyms And Synonyms

A SITE annual award for human and most favorite television program in Indonesia, Panasonic Award (PGA) in 2011 has been held Friday, March 25, evening. Not only the successful accomplishment achieved by the Indonesian television personality, but also appearance.

Various well-known dress designer beautifully presented on a bed of red carpet event akbar Panasonic Awards 2011 which took place in the Ballroom Theatre Djakarta XXI, Central Jakarta.

Red carpet event is always the most awaited moment of many, both from the media until the people who want to see her favorite artist appearance with the beauty of the dresses they wear.

No wonder, for a perfection of the artists involved designers reliably country to emit a dazzling appearance. Moreover, stretch of red carpet has always been a focus of attention of millions of pairs of eyes and dozens of photographers ready to capture their appearance.

The event that brings a sprinkling of Indonesian television star is the most prestigious event to demonstrate the capacity and kredibilatas all national television personality. Since at 7:00 p.m. to 21:00 pm, dozens of artists nan sweet sexy pose in the courtyard of the red.

In the event this time, red carpet event explores the theme of 'elegant chic' as a dresscode, and Together for the Earth Indonesia as a major theme of the event.

The artist also translate these themes in a variety of haute couture they wear. Some of them, there are really abiding by displaying a dress "chic elegance" and add natural elements as part of the unity theme of the event. They are Ratna Listy, Titi Sjuman, and Vicky Su.

While some other artists interpret the theme in ethnic elements in their fashion show. Elements of batik, songket, kebaya much into beautiful ornaments on the dress she was wearing.

Padupadan is shown by Olla Ramlan, who was wearing a long dress like kebaya alloys modified with short sleeves, a graceful Widyawati with kebaya tops and long flowing skirts, Farah Quin who wear one-shoulder dress accented batik limited to the thigh, and Gita Sinaga who wore a dress decorated with elementssongket on the border of the chest in a long dress she was wearing.

The rest, other artists featuring an elegant fashion, chic, and glamorous. For example Cacha Frederica who wear tube dress, Jennifer Kurniawan with one-shoulder dress combined color magenta and pink, long dress accented Asmiranda with embossed flower, and Donita which exhibits a plain white gown accented at the bottom layer.
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